Agus Suroso
(Tulungagung 1980)
Signed lower right
Signed and annotated Bali on the reverse
Oil on canvas, 139.2 x 59.8 cm
– Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam
– Private collection, the Netherlands
The artistic output of Agus Suroso shows a deep connection to the Javanese culture and is often associated with social-political problems at play there. In his work Suroso tries to reinterpret the art of the Wayang Kulit tradition: a traditional form of puppet-shadow play, where the puppets are rear-projected on a taut linen screen with a coconut-oil light. However, Suroso uses this tradition as a stepping stone to the merging of sculpture and graffiti. The emerging graffiti, based the Waying Kallit, distorts the anatomy of its characters while evaluating its structure.

€ 1.000 - 1.500