16. Adriaen van der Kabel

Adriaen van der Kabel
(Rijswijk 1630/1631 – Lyon 1705)
Scene of an inn with drinking peasants by a barrel
Monogrammed and dated 1652 l.l.
Oil on panel, 29.5 x 26.9 cm
– Kunsthandel Arthur de Heuvel, Brussels (as A. van Calraet)
– Auction Christie’s Amsterdam, 7 May 1997, lot 8
– Gebr. Douwes Fine Art, Amsterdam/London
– Private collection, The Netherlands
Van der Kabel went by a variety of names, such as Van der Cabel, Vandrecable and the moniker Geestigheid. Another well-known variant is Van der Tou, a funny example of an unofficial surname dating from before the official introduction of surnames in 1811.
Registered at the RKD – Netherlands Institute of Art History in The Hague under number 30862.

€ 2.000 - 4.000
€ 2.200