A collection of four Japanese illustrated books
First quarter 19th century
Comprising a book by Aikawa Minwa (act. 1806-1821), Manga Hyakujo (Sketchbook of One Hundred Women), Kyoto 1814, one by Cho Gessho (1772-1832), Fugyo Gasu (album of paintings by Gessho), Nagoya 1817, one by Cho Gessho, A thicket of pictures without shapes, Nagoya 1804-1817 and one by Kawagata Keisai (1764-1824), Sansui Ryakuga-shiki (Methods of cursive drawing of landscapes), Edo 1800.
H. 26.5 x W. 18 cm
Collection Peter Poldervaart, Amsterdam

€ 600 - 1.000
€ 420