115. Willem Hussem

Willem Hussem
Untitled (c. 1970)
With studio stamps on the stretcher
Oil on burlap, 70 x 110.2 cm
– Galerie Nouvelles Images, The Hague
- Private collection, the Netherlands
In artist's frame.

The renowned Dutch artist Willem Hussem continually experimented and produced highly diverse works of art, including painting, drawing, and sculpture. He also devoted himself to writing poetry. Throughout his life, he was in search of a manner of working that tied in with his philosophical views. It was in Hegel's philosophy and Zen Buddhism that he found the intellectual basis for the universalistic outlook on the world that would determine his thought and work. Starting from the 1950s, Hussem created paintings that appeared to emanate calligraphic characters, and in the following years, more geometric influences could be seen, which slowly turned into more clear-cut forms. A constant aspiration towards simplicity and purity underlies not only this painting, but Hussem's entire oeuvre. He once said: “I spent a lifetime trying to make my job so simple. I have to conquer that simplicity over and over again.”

€ 4.000 - 6.000
Hammer amount