Four pillars and beams from the Mindrolin monastery
Tibet, 18th century
These four pillars would have been standing two by two in one of the prayer halls in the Mindrolin monastery. During the cultural revolution a big part of the monastery was destroyed. These architectural parts were sold to generate money for rebuilding the monastery. Every pillar has a seperate support on top of it decorated on each side with flowering branches, on one side a medallion in relief with a Chakra incrusted with jewels and on the other symbols from the Astamangala: an endless knot with a Chakra surrounded by two fish , a parasol with a conch finial. On top of the supports on each side a painted beam with a bowl of jewels and offerings on a pink lotus flower flanked by two dragons. The plain parts of the beams would have been mounted in a wall the beams fit together in the middle with a sliding device. The total structure consists of twelve parts.
H approx. 240 (total of the built up pillars) x W. approx. 504 cm (total of the connected beams) and H. approx. 243 (total of the built up pillars) x W. approx. 501.3 cm (total of the connected beams)
The pillars were on loan to the exhibition World Nature Art in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam in 2005.

€ 7.000 - 10.000