259. Paul Wegner

Paul Wegner
Lady Day (1995)
Signed on the back of the sheet music
with number 136/175 on the rim of the base
Cold-painted bronze on stone base, H. 76.1 cm
Lady Day is a captivating bronze portrait by the esteemed sculptor Paul Wegner. This evocative rendition of jazz legend Billie Holiday – who was nicknamed “Lady Day” – visually accompanied by the melodic strains of saxophone and piano, is an example of Wegner's groundbreaking 'fragmented' sculpting style. This fragmentation technique, paired with the musical motif, forms a seamless blend. The floating style imbues the design with a musical essence, enabling the figures to sway harmoniously alongside the instruments, evoking a sense of lively visual delight.

€ 1.000 - 3.000
Hammer amount