261. Pablo Atchugarry

Pablo Atchugarry
Untitled (1998)
Signed along lower edge
Unique piece
Portugal pink marble, H. 65.6 cm, on granite base, total H. 71.6 cm
– Galerie Needien, Neede, 2000
- Private collection, the Netherlands
To be included in the Atchugarry forthcoming Catalogo Generale Della Scultura Volume 4 being prepared.

Pablo Atchugarry, a renowned Uruguayan sculptor born in Montevideo in 1954, has gained international recognition for his remarkable marble works that evoke the grandeur of early civilizations' monoliths. Currently residing and working between Lecco, Italy, and Manantiales, Uruguay, Atchugarry's artistic journey has been marked by a deep exploration of various materials.

In 1979, Atchugarry visited Carrara, Italy, where he was captivated by the elegance of marble. This encounter inspired him to devote his artistic endeavors to sculpting this exquisite medium. For each sculpture, Atchugarry personally selects an appropriate block and is actively involved in carving it, with minimal help from assistants. He works with white Carrara marble from Tuscany, gray stone from Bardiglio, black from Belgium, and pink from Portugal. Aside from working with stone, he utilizes bronze finished in various patinas, ceramic, and, more rarely, various types of wood.

Atchugarry's sculptures defy a singular viewpoint, encouraging viewers to contemplate them as cohesive entities. His works, characterized by sinuous curves, accordion folds, ovoid apertures, and vertical alignments, evoke elements of nature such as plants, trees, breaking waves, and the human form. This unique fusion of figural and abstract elements imbues his sculptures with a captivating aura.

In addition to his artistic practice, Atchugarry plays an active role in overseeing the development of the Fundación Pablo Atchugarry and an international monumental sculpture park in Manantiales. He also devotes himself to teaching and promoting art, leaving an indelible mark on the artistic landscape.
* Condition report available upon request

€ 50.000 - 60.000
Hammer amount