After Adriaen van de Venne
(Delft 1589 – The Hague 1662)
a) Poverty' seeks list
b) Richness seeks wealth
c) Wealth seeks misery
d) Misery' seeks the death
All titled in a banderole um
All oil on panel, all approx. 34.9 x 28cm
– Collection Daniel Macalister, Greenock, England (E.1 and E.3)
– Private collection, the Netherlands (1934)
– Collection Droste, Haarlem (from 1941)
- Private collection, the Netherlands
– Exhibition catalogue The hellish and the velvet Brueghel and their influence on art in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Art Gallery P. de Boer, 1934, no. 199-202
– Catalogue Exhibition of paintings, furniture, etc. belonging to the bequest of Mr. HJDD Enschedé and from the possession of various collectors, Haarlem, Frans Hals Museum, 1941, no. 74-77
—A. Plokker, Adrian Pietersz. van de Venne (1589-1662): the grisailles with spell bands, Leuven/Amersfoort, 1984, page 109, note (2)
– E. Buijsen, Old Holland, 2013, volume 126 – 2/3, page 76-78 and 117-119, no. E.1, E.3, E.4 and E.5

€ 8.000 - 12.000