222. Moshe Gershuni

Moshe Gershunic
Untitled (Star of David) (2003)
Signed, signed in Hebrew and dated 2003 on the reverse
Oil, acrylic and oil stick on canvas, 75.3 x 75.1 cm
– Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
– Collection Susanna Vorst, the Netherlands
Moshe Gershuni was a prominent Israeli artist known for his profound exploration of identity, politics, and spirituality through his artwork. Born in Jerusalem in 1936, Gershuni's upbringing in a religious Jewish family profoundly influenced his artistic sensibilities, shaping his later exploration of themes related to Jewish identity and heritage.
The present lot is the last of a series of five paintings, in which Gershuni attempts to depict the downfall of Israel in an increasingly abstracted version of the Star of David. Despite facing controversy and censorship for his provocative and politically charged artworks, Gershuni remained committed to expressing his truth and challenging societal norms. He was declared the winner of the Israel Prize for painting in 2003, but ultimately disqualified from receiving it. Nevertheless, his uncompromising approach to art earned him international acclaim, with his works exhibited in galleries and museums around the world.

€ 6.000 - 10.000
Hammer amount