229. Mohammad Bozorgi

Mohammad Bozorgi
Tears (2012)
Signed and dated 2012 on the reverse
Mixed media on canvas, 146.5 x 210.1 cm
– Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, 2012
– Collection Susanna Vorst, the Netherlands
Mohammad Bozorgi, born in Tehran in 1978, is a renowned contemporary calligrapher recognized for his innovative approach to traditional Islamic art. Originally trained as a biomedical engineer, he mastered various calligraphic forms at the Society of Iranian Calligraphers. Bozorgi's works, known for their precise mathematical structures and dynamic compositions, infuse text with energy, creating abstract illusions of movement and depth. His art has been featured in numerous exhibitions worldwide, earning acclaim for its exploration of themes such as conflict, hope, and the human experience. “I wished for nothing in my life but to visualize my own elegant history and purifying it from the vortex of wars and blood by means of letters – the very essence of naming,” he wrote. “I am just a calligrapher, from the heart of the history, from the heart of Middle-East.”

€ 5.000 - 10.000
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