96. Marius Bauer

Marius Bauer
(The Hague 1867 – Amsterdam 1932)
Fountain with doves
Signed ll
Watercolour, crayon and gouache on cardboard, 46.8 x 29.2 cm
– Kunsthandel EJ van Wisselingh & Co., Amsterdam (inv. No. 3952)
– By descent to the present owner
At the request of PL Tak (1848-1907) Marius Bauer traveled to Russia to provide an illustrated description of the coronation. In the company of the journalist CK Elout (1870-1947) and the novelist Maurits Wagenvoort (1859-1944) he traveled to Moscow. The letters Bauer wrote on his journey he addressed to Tak. On the 16th of June 1896 he wrote:
Amice, Constantinople, June 16
A wide, covered gallery runs along these rooms, which overlooks the garden. Below us the water splashes from a fountain, where pigeons bathe in the marble basin. Splendid roses and a wealth of floral scents swing along the Turkish balconies in the shade of tall chestnuts, poplars, and almond trees, surmounted by the slender minarets and red domes. Dreamily we sipped the coffee that the Tartar servant brought us, and we heard the trembling voice of the muezzim die in the air, we heard the flapping of the pigeons, and the sweet splash of the clear water, we smelled the scents that rose from the wondrous garden, and we did not believe there was anything more beautiful to enjoy, and yet — this garden was beautiful, even more wonderful was the palace itself.”
From: Marius Bauer, Letters and sketches from his travels to Moscow and Constantinople, followed by some polemics between socialists and aesthetes, Wereld-Library-Association, Amsterdam and Antwerp, 1964, p. 57.

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