117. Lucio Muñoz

Lucio Muñoz
“Buhonero” (Peddler) (1965)
Signed and dated 1965 upper left
Signed and titled on the reverse
Mixed media on panel, 53.9 x 64.8 cm
– Galerie Buchholz, Munich, 1966
- Private collection, the Netherlands
Starting from the 1950s, Muñoz began experimenting with materials beyond traditional paint and canvas. He incorporated wood, often burned or carved, into his works, creating textured surfaces that conveyed profound emotional and spiritual depth. This innovative approach set him apart in the burgeoning Spanish avant-garde scene. His marriage to artist Amalia Avia further enriched his creative world, as the couple shared a deep passion for art and often inspired each other's work. His abstract works dating from the 1960s gained acclaim both nationally and internationally, including a notable presence at the Venice Biennale.

€ 5.000 - 8.000
Hammer amount