Louis Apollo
(The Hague 1850 – 1936)
Fjord in Norway with a view of Hammerfest (1880)
Signed ll
Oil on canvas, 49.4 x 60.7 cm
– Auction Glerum, The Hague, 28 October 1998, lot 85
– Kunsthandel Constant Gabriëls, The Hague (ca. 2000)
– Private collection, The Netherlands
In 1880 Louis Apol joined an expedition to Nova Zembla on the ship de Willem Barentz. During this voyage Apol recorded his impressions of the beautiful Norwegian landscapes in many sketches, but only a few on large canvases. The artist often complained about the working conditions, after which the captain “no longer wished to behold his misarable countenance”. Not unjustly, as the ship's dog ruined one of Apol's canvases by stepping on it.

€ 4.500 - 5.500