145. Herbert Fiedler

Herbert Fiedler
(Leipzig 1891 – Amsterdam 1962)
With studio stamp lr
Oil on board, 122 x 60.4 cm
Herbert Fiedler lived in restless times; in Paris he experienced the flowering of the avant-garde, in Berlin the tumultuous artistic diversity of the nineteen twenties, in The Netherlands the war years and the post-war controversy between abstract and figurative art. His personal exeriences were recorded in his richly varied oeuvre, in his very personal style of painting. Despite war and poverty, artistic solitude and family crisis Fiedler always kept painting. For him painting was more a neccesity than a profession or outlet. Always and everywhere he was making sketches and doodles. Characteristic is the continuing search for a new imigary, his work showed influences of German expressionism as well as from French impressionism and fauvism. His subjects are just as diverse as his paintery techniques. On the one hand he worked in a classical manner (nudes, portraits, landscapes, still lives) and on the other hand he painted many contemporary motifs, including circus artists, pub visitors and his family. He was especially fond of the world of the circus; time and again he painted clowns, acrobates and trapeze artists.

€ 1.000 - 2.000
Hammer amount
€ 1.000