124. Henri Michaux

Henri Michaux
Mouvements Nº 85 (1950)
Signed with initials lower right
Indian ink on paper, 31.6 x 24 cm
Collection of the artist and gifted to the present owner (via Galerie Le Point Cardinal, Paris), c. 1969
Henri Michaux, a Belgian-born poet and painter, is renowned for his exploration of the subconscious and altered states of consciousness through art. In 1950, he started his 'Mouvements' series, creating drawings inspired by ideograms, similar to Chinese script. This series was not his first foray into pictorial alphabets, as he had experimented with them earlier. In the 'Mouvements' drawings, the figures are organized in rows that can be read both horizontally and vertically, mimicking a script. Unlike traditional, static ideograms, Michaux's figures are dynamic, capturing movement. This dynamic quality fascinated him, as it allowed for an endless array of signs without fixed meanings.

Michaux's interest in depicting movement and the subconscious was also evident in his experiments with mescaline during the 1950s. These experiments significantly influenced his artistic output, resulting in works that visually represented the hallucinatory and fluid nature of his experiences. The 'Mouvements' series is notable for its blend of visual art and poetic expression, a hallmark of Michaux's work that sought to transcend conventional artistic boundaries.

€ 2.000 - 4.000
Hammer amount
€ 1.600