169. Hans Kanters

Hans Kanters
The Passer-by (1974)
Signed and dated 74 upper right
Oil on canvas, 35.5 x 40.3 cm
– Galerie Siau, Amsterdam, 1975
– Private collection, the Netherlands
The surrealistic artist Hans Kanters amazes the audience with his dream landscapes filled with fantastic creatures, painted with great precision and craftsmanship. As an autodidact, Kanters has been following his own path with his own unique style at an amazingly skilled technical level.
The fascinating paintings with a lot of details depict life in all its facets of emotion, behaviour, and social customs. As you can see from this painting, Kanter's surrealist universe is rich with all kinds of motifs, such as the erotic motif. While painting, Kanters discovered the shapes the genitals could assume: the comical and symbolic ones as well as the erotic ones. Upright or reclining, they willingly pose for him, sometimes as critical elements, derision, impotence, and provocations.

“People ought to be able to get more out of it than I put into it, otherwise I have been doing something wrong. It is not just about the meaning, it is the emotion, humor and irony, tenderness and frustration, even rage, that I am trying to convey.” – Hans Kanters

€ 2.000 - 4.000
Hammer amount
€ 2.600