203. Ger van Elk

Ger van Elk
Conclusion I – New York “Grey” (2010)
Signed and dated 2010 on the reverse
Signed, titled and dated 2010 on a label attached to the backing of the frame
Acrylic paint on photograph on canvas, 96 x 102.2 cm
– Grimm Gallery, Amsterdam
- Private collection, the Netherlands
In the nuanced masterpiece Conclusions I – New York “Gray”, Ger van Elk transcends the conventional boundaries of colour, ushering viewers into a contemplative realm where emotions are expressed through the subtle interplay of shades of grey.
With meticulous brushstrokes, Van Elk transforms the canvas into a visual poetry, delving deep into the intricacies of the human psyche. The monochromatic palette, devoid of vibrant hues, serves as a canvas for profound introspection. Each stroke seems to echo the intricate layers of human emotion, inviting viewers to embark on a reflective journey. Through this artwork, Van Elk captures the essence of emotional complexity, leaving an indelible impression on the observer, and reaffirming his status as a master of evocative minimalism.

€ 2.500 - 4.000
Hammer amount
€ 3.000