255. Fred Carasso

Fred Carasso
Taurus (Bull)
Signed under the right hind foot
Bronze on marble base, H. 56.6 cm
– Art dealer Ivo Bouwman, The Hague, 1995
– Private collection, Monaco
– Private collection, the Netherlands
Fred Carasso, originally from near Turin, found his way to Amsterdam via Paris and Brussels, fleeing from fascist Italy in 1922. There, he rose to prominence as one of his generation's leading Dutch sculptors. Carasso's sculptures are characterized by their figurative nature, abstracted yet firmly rooted in reality. In a period marked by debates between figurative and abstract art in the Netherlands, Carasso's work stands out for its unique synthesis. He made sculptures of bulls, bison and horses on multiple occasions, proving his receptivity to their strong shapes.

€ 3.000 - 5.000
Hammer amount
€ 2.600