A silver coin box, a coin box and three silver 'broom pennies'
The Netherlands, the coins West Friesland, 18th century and The Netherlands, 18th century
The first circular and smooth. As lid and as bottom an 18th century 'scheepjesschelling' coin, West Friesland. Surrounded by a cable cord rim. The second box circular with a continuous floral motif. As lid and bottom a 'broomstuiver' coin, Holland 1764. The box containing three various 'broomstuiver' coins, dated 1761, 1764 and 1769.
Second grade silver, approx. weight 15 grams and below Dutch legal silver alloy, approx. weight 10 grams.
H. 1.6 / H. 1.8 cm

€ 600 - 1.000
€ 550