A silver biscuit box, a silver tobacco box and a mother-of-pearl box with twelve silver spoons
Amsterdam/Schoonhoven, 1864, Brothers Mulder/Hendrik Willem van Riel, Schoonhoven, 1837, Adrianus G. Kooiman and 19th century
The biscuit box square, scalloped and smooth. On the lid engraved floral motif and seed beads. The tobacco box ribbed. The interior with engraved armorial and GJ Hugill Xmas 1904. The spoonbox with flat lid with chamfered edges. The handles of the spoons terminating in hooves.
Second grade silver, approx. weight 526 grams.
H. 7.5 x W. 12 x D. 12 cm / L. 13.8 / 14.8 / 11 cm

€ 600 - 1.000
€ 600