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An icon
Russia, 19th century
Depicting the Anastasis, a double theme with the Descent into hell and the Resurrection of Christ. In the lower scene Christ takes Adam by the wrist and tramples the doors of Hades. In the upper right He takes a row of faithfull up to heaven. Eve lies kneeled at the feet of Christ. To the left and right of Christ can be seen Moses with the stone tablets and the kings Solomon and David with John the Forerunner. The 'good murderer' is depicted in front of heaven's gate. Enoch and Elijah await him. The top scene depicting the Resurrection of Christ. To the right of Christ are depicted angels conquering the devil. The women carrying myrrh at His empty grave are depicted to the left of Him. At the very top can be seen the ascension of Christ. In the lower right hand corner is depicted the miracle of the seven leaves and fish.
H. 53.5 x W. 45 cm
– Russian Art, Best, The Netherlands, circa 1990
– Private collection, The Netherlands

€ 4.000 - 5.000
Hammer amount