87. A conical blue and white bowl with outlined rim

A conical blue and white bowl with outlined rim
Six character mark Kangxi and period
The exterior with a scene from 'Lan Ting Xu' in which many figures are enjoying a game of qushuiliushang. The interior of the rim with eight Buddhist symbols (bajixiang) separated by styled vines between double lines.
diam. 23.8 cm
Property of the family of the owner since 1937.
The game qushuiliushang (literally translated: drinking cup in the curved stream of water), is an old Chinese game in which one fills cups with a drink, placing these in a stream of water, and when the cup passes by again one has to drink the contents of the cup. Later on the game evolved into a more cultural event in which not only drinks were consumed but also a poem had to be written before the cup returned. A famous depiction of this drinking game can be seen on the excavated palace grounds in Bian, the capital of the Northern Song dynasty (modern Kaifeng).
Comparable bowls with this very rare decoration and model do not seem to be documented.

€ 3.500 - 4.500
Hammer amount
€ 3.500