19. A collection of Dutch silver miniatures

A collection of Dutch silver miniatures
Pan with fish marked Daniël van Strant, Amsterdam, 1756; poffertjes pan Hendrik Duller, Amsterdam, possibly 1787; spittoon Frederik van Strant II, Amsterdam, 1734; eal bucket Frederik van Strant I, Amsterdam, 1722; teapot with lid, Willem van Strant, Amsterdam, 1727-1742, also marked ZII; waffle iron Arnoldus van Geffen, Amsterdam, 1749; brazier Johannes van Geffen, Amsterdam, 1795; bowls and dishes Arnoldus van Geffen, Amsterdam, 1741 and 1744; the cups unmarked
Comprising a frying pan with fish, a poffertjes pan, a spittoon, a brazier with mother-of-pearl handle, a waffle iron, a lidded teapot, an eal bucket and a set of six saucers and three pairs of bowls.
Weight approx. 183 grams
L. 1.5 – 9 cm

€ 1.500 - 2.500
Hammer amount
€ 2.800