52. A 16 arm- Dutch chandelier

A 16 arm - Dutch chandelier
Amsterdam, Elias E. van Vliet, signed EEV and dated 1647
Baluster-shaped and bulbous spire, with carrying handle, supporting sixteen curved arms with disc-shaped drip pans and vase-shaped candle holders. Two large candle holders of recent date.
H. 120 cm / Diam. 122 cm
During the 17th century Amsterdam was the center of the manufacture of Dutch candeliers such as the present one. The brass foundries flourished, partly because much 16th century bronze and copper was melted for war purposes. Father and son van Vliet were counted among the very top of the trade. A similar chandelier made by Elias senior, dated 1642, can be seen in the Bergkerk church in the city of Deventer.

€ 30.000 - 40.000
Hammer amount
€ 28.000