26. Andreas Schelfhout

Andreas Schelfhout
Beach scene with Fishermen in windy Weather (1844)
Signed and dated 44 lower left
Oil on panel, 26.8 x 34 cm
– Private collection, Germany
– Auction Weinmuller, Munich, 13-15 March 1974, lot 1786 (ill.)
- Private collection, the Netherlands
Andreas Schelfhout was a prominent Dutch landscape painter and lithographer, renowned for his mastery in capturing winter scenes and the serene beauty of the Dutch countryside. Born in The Hague, Schelfhout was initially trained as a decorative painter in his father's workshop before pursuing formal art studies. His meticulous attention to detail and ability to render light and atmosphere gained him widespread acclaim. Schelfhout's works are characterized by their crisp, clear compositions and delicate color palettes, often depicting figures on frozen canals, beaches or in rural landscapes.
A key figure in the Romantic movement in the Netherlands, Schelfhout's influence extended beyond his own prolific output. He played a crucial role in the development of Dutch landscape painting in the 19th century, mentoring younger artists such as Johan Barthold Jongkind and Charles Leickert. His paintings were highly sought after during his lifetime, earning him numerous awards and exhibitions across Europe. Today, Schelfhout's works are held in major collections, including the Rijksmuseum and the Teylers Museum.

€ 10.000 - 15.000
Hammer amount