Andreas Schelfhout
(The Hague 1787 – 1870)
Summer farmyard
Signed lm
Oil on canvas, 41.8 x 55.5 cm
Private collection, The Netherlands
Although the name Schelfhout nowadays is practically symbolic for the romantic winter landscape, the artist established himself at the time with his summer landscapes. Only around 1840 the artist started to specialize in painting winter landscapes. Schelfhout kept, just as other prominent artists of his time, a so-called 'liber veritatis'. In this notebook Schelfhout recorded commissioners, buyers and technical details, often accompanied by sketches after the works. These 'after' sketches are mostly dexterous sketches done in pencil or ink. The drawing on page number 19, dated 1826, depicts many similarities with the work offered here. The collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam also contains a similar work in oil on paper, painted circa 1821.

€ 4.000 - 6.000
€ 3.500