129. Ad Dekkers

Ad Dekkers
Drawing (First Drawing) (1971)
Unique Piece
Laminated drawing, 30.9 x 60.8 cm
Collection B. de Wit, Amsterdam, gifted by the artist
Blotkamp 375
After his stay in Denmark, Dekkers created a series of transparent drawings on thin translucent paper, where he made an identical geometric drawing on both sides. The transparency introduced a depth to the drawings that had not been seen in his previous work. These works were exhibited at the Haags Gemeentemuseum, but due to the thin nature of the paper, the works were not displayed correctly; they were slightly curled in a showcase, much to Dekkers' disappointment. In collaboration with Multi Art Points, Dekkers found a solution by laminating the works with a matte surface, allowing the thin paper to be autonomously exhibited. This lot on offer is the first laminated result. Dekkers followed with two series: 'Transparent 1' and 'Transparent 2′, each consisting of 4 similar drawings. These transparent series are a unique addition to Dekkers' body of work.

€ 2.500 - 4.500
Hammer amount
€ 2.200