A Japanese scroll painting by Nagazawa Rosetsu
(vertical hanging scroll), ink on paper, depicting a waterside with bamboo in the moonlight. With a haiku by Murase Kotei (1744-1819). Signed and sealed, in signed wooden box.
L. 173 x W. 105 cm (painting)
L. 228 x W. 123 cm (scroll)
Collection Peter Poldervaart, Amsterdam
From the mid-1780's on, Rosetsu came into closer contact with the Zen priests from the monasteries Tofuku-ji and Myoshin-ji in Kyoto, which led to his largest and most important commission—the production of mural paintings for the main halls of the three Zen temples Joju-ji, Muryo-ji and Sodoji in the southern Kii region (today's Wakayama prefecture). In 1785, the year before Rosetsu embarked on his southern journey, he collaborated with Shishin Sogin (1726–86), a priest from Myoshin-ji, to produce Miscellaneous Paintings and Calligraphy, a pair of screens that combines Rosetsu's paintings with Shishin's elegant script . (Orientations magazine, September/October 2018)

€ 1.000 - 2.000
€ 1.100