261. A collection of three German tin Steckmedaille

A collection of three German tin Steck Medal
Nuremberg, circa 1823; Nuremberg, circa 1813; Nuremberg, circa 1814
Comprising one depicting Pope Pius VII (1742-1823) and Maria on the reverse, by Thomas Stettner (1795-1872), holding seven double-sided etchings commemorating important historical and biblical moments; one depicting Justice, Wisdom and Unity by Thomas Stettner, holding six double-sided etching commemorating important German battles alternated by text; and one with Frederick Wilhelm, Franz von Österreich and Tsar Alexander with Germania on the reverse, holding six double-sided etchings commemorating important German battles.
diam. 5 cm

€ 1.000 - 1.500
Hammer amount
€ 500