247. A Chinese Dutch-decorated ‘Wonder of Zaandam’ plate

A Chinese Dutch-decorated 'Wonder of Zaandam' plate
Qianlong period (1736–1795)
Painted after a Dutch painting named 'The Bull's Cruelty', depicting a farmer and his wife being attacked by a bull, the wife thrown up in the air and giving premature birth to a baby, allegedly the miraculous birth of Jacob Egge jr. on 29 August 1647, a windmill and a boy flying his kite in the background, the rim with clusters of finger citrus and flowers, the reverse dated in black paint 'the 29th of August 1647'.
diam. 22.5 cm
Collection Mr LCAM Schölvinck, Bloemendaal, the Netherlands
The decoration of this plate refers to the miraculous birth of Jacob Egge Jr. on 29 August 1647. His mother, Trijn Jans, was in her final days of her pregnancy with him when she and her husband were attacked, hit and maltreated by an angry bull. Trijn was lifted up by the horns of the bull, thrown up, and her belly and hip were cut open, causing the baby to be thrown out of her body. The baby and mother fell into a pool of water, but only the newborn survived. He was baptized the next day in Haarlem's Westzijderkerk, which is known today as the 'Bull's Church' (Bullekerk). It is generally believed that this plate was overdecorated in 1747 – or shortly after – to immortalize this 'miracle'. A plate with identical decoration is in the collection of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen (Hervouët & Bruneau, 1986, 16.54 ill.).
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