In the room

To be able to place a bid in the room during the auction, you must have a bid number that will be assigned to you when you register. Registration as a possible bidder is possible at the counter until just before the start of the auction. Your personal and bank details will be noted and checked upon registration. In principle, the bidding takes place by show of hands after the auctioneer has called a lottery ticket.


Written offers are accepted. To this end, you must have completed a bidding form in advance, stating, in addition to your personal and bank details, the amount you are willing to bid for a given lot. The bidding form can be sent to you on request, is available at the counter and is printed in the catalog. The auctioneer will bid on your behalf and will try to acquire the piece at the lowest possible price and with a maximum of the amount indicated by you in the bidding form.

By phone

It is possible to bid by telephone during the auction. You will then be called during the auction by a representative of the auction house at a telephone number you specified in advance so that you can follow the auction of a specific lot and let the representative bid on it on your behalf.

Online (in advance)

It is also possible to place a bid via the auction house's website. To do this, you must first have created an account with my AAG on our site, which contains your personal data. When you are interested in a lottery ticket, you can indicate the amount up to which you wish to bid via your account. You will receive a confirmation e-mail of your bid and the auctioneer will bid on the relevant lot during the auction on your behalf and up to the amount specified by you.

Online (live)

Finally, you can also participate in the auction live online via Invaluable. To do so, you must register at least two hours before the start of the auction via the link below. You can then follow the auction via the internet and participate directly as a bidder.

Please note: for the live bidding on Invaluable via this link, an extra fee of 2% ex VAT will be charged on the hammer price. However, if you bid via the Invaluable website itself, that is 5% ex VAT, therefore we advise you to use this link.

Of course, no additional costs will be charged for absentee or phone bidding arranged directly through us. Please contact us for more information about the different possibilities of participating in the auction.


For goods that have not been sold during an auction, there is the possibility of an after-sale. After the relevant auction, a selection of these objects will be displayed on the aftersale page for a period of three weeks. During this period it is possible to place a bid, either online, in writing or by telephone. Your bid is only valid after you have received confirmation from the auction house. If several bidders are interested in the same lot, a new auction is created in which the person who ultimately makes the highest bid buys the lot.