505 - The Asian Art Sale including the collection of Drs. Koos de Jong - Part One

4 November 2018

1. A collection of Chinese jade bi-discs
Comprising a disc carved with raised bosses; two discs carved with geometrical bands; a plain mottled brown and russet jade disc; a three-part disc carved with scrolls; and a brown jade disc fragment carved with a taotie mask.

Taxation € 1.500 - € 2.000

2. A collection of Chinese jade bi-discs
Comprising a disc carved with chilong; a disc carved in relief with mythological animals; a circular clasp carved with chilong; and three discs variously carved with scrolls and raised bosses.

Taxation € 1.500 - € 2.000

3. A collection of Chinese jade carvings and fragments
Comprising a gray and mottled green jade bell carved with raised nose; a celadon jade figure of a seated man; and two brown jade fragments carved with geometrical decoration.

Taxation € 1.000 - € 1.500

4. A collection of two bronze Chinese bells, a Chinese rattle and a Tibetan bronze and iron priest-bell
One bell with three ruyi-shaped handles, three reserves with Buddhist figures, and an eyelet in the shape of a dragon, on three feet; the other bell with two handles, Buddhist figures and braided handle; the rattle with central medallion showing a tantric

Taxation € 1.000 - € 2.000

5. A Chinese pottery figure of a fat lady
Modeled in standing position, dressed in long pleated robes with her hands folded in front of her chest, her face with smiling expression, on wood stand.

Taxation € 5.000 - € 8.000

Hammer amount € 4.500

6. Two Chinese gilt-, red- and black-lacquered bronze figures of an official and an immortal
The first standing on a rectangular pedestal, holding pencil and scroll, wearing various garments, his face displaying a severe expression, with beard and topped with a hat. The second standing on a pedestal on four legs, his hands clasped in front of his

Taxation € 600 - € 1.000

Hammer amount € 700

7. A Chinese bronze figure of Buddha Amitayus
The figure seated in dhyanasana on a double lotus throne, his hand folded in dhyanamudra, wearing dhoti and billowing shawls, adorned with necklaces, earrings and tiara.

Taxation € 1.500 - € 2.000

Hammer amount € 2.600

8. A Tibetan figure of a dancing Dakini
Cast dancing on her left leg, right hand raised, wearing jewelery and tiara.

Taxation € 1.200 - € 1.800

Hammer amount € 1.200

9. A Chinese silver rose water sprinkler
Standing on a circular foot with bulbous body and tall tapering neck terminating in a flower-head, decorated with floral scrolls and leaves.

Taxation € 700 - € 900

10. A collection of Chinese sancai-glazed objects
Comprising a pair of table screens; a pair of models of yoke-back chairs; a small offering table; and three various figures, all covered in ochre, green and brown glazes.

Taxation € 1.500 - € 2.000

11. A rare Chinese bronze figure of the ascetic Buddha Shakyamuni
The emaciated figure is seated with his long hands supported on his bent raised knee, his dhoti falling open to reveal his skeletal rib cage, his face finely modelled with downcast eyes and benign expression, the bronze patinated to a dark brownish-black

Taxation € 3.000 - € 5.000

Hammer amount € 7.000

12. A Chinese iron figure of Buddha Shakyamuni
Seated in vajrasana on a lotus base with both hands resting on his lap in dhyanamudra, wearing a monastic garment, his face displaying a serene expression with downcast eyes below arched eyebrows running into his nose-bridge and his curled hair-dress cont

Taxation € 1.200 - € 1.800

13. A Chinese iron head of Guanyin
Her head displaying a serene facial expression with downcast eyes below arched eyebrows running into the nose-bridge, smiling lips, elongated earlobes and her hair combed in a chignon set to the front with a small figure of Buddha Shakyamuni.

Taxation € 1.200 - € 1.800

14. A Chinese lacquered wood figure of Guanyin
The goddess is seated in Royal Ease on a loose wooden base, wearing long robes falling in drapes over her knees, ornate jewelery while having a benevolent expression.

Taxation € 500 - € 800

Hammer amount € 4.800

15. A Chinese gilt-lacquered bronze figure of a foreign groom
Cast in a supporting posture, kneeling on a rocky base, his right hand raised, his left resting on his hip, clad in pleated skirt secured with ribbon knotted to the front, scarf necklace, his face displaying wrathful expression with bulging eyes below rai

Taxation € 1.500 - € 2.500

Hammer amount € 1.000

16. A Chinese gilt-bronze figure of Guanyin
The deity seated in padmasana, the right hand raised in karanamudra and the left holding a cup, dressed in long robes decorated with flowers at the hems, wearing ornate jewelery and a crown set with a small figure of Amitabha Buddha.

Taxation € 20.000 - € 30.000

Hammer amount € 50.000

17. An important and extremely rare gold Xiongnu crest of a headdress in the shape of a mythological animal
Shaped as a reclining stag with scrolling antlers terminating in bird's heads.

Taxation € 50.000 - € 75.000

18. An important Chinese gilt-bronze figure of a tiger
The animal standing foursquare in a fierce position, its head held high, with open mouth showing its teeth, his eyes inlaid with turquoise, the sculpture with remains of gilding.

Taxation € 70.000 - € 90.000

19. A Chinese yue celadon bowl
The steep rounded sides rising from a slightly splayed foot, covered to the interior and exterior with a greyish green glaze suffused with a fine crackle, an incised line accentuating the mouth rim and the foot rim, the base unglazed.

Taxation € 2.000 - € 4.000

Hammer amount € 1.800

20. A Chinese ‘Loyang-style’ straw-glazed amphora
The ovoid body modeled with narrow flared neck and applied with twin dragon handles that bite the mouth rim, covered with a straw-coloured glaze ending irregularly on the upper body.

Taxation € 12.000 - € 18.000

Hammer amount € 10.000

21. A Chinese Changsha brown-glazed ewer
The bulbous body surmounted with a rope twist and dragon-form overhead handle, with short upright spout, covered overall with a russet and dark brown glaze ending in a neat line above the foot.

Taxation € 1.600 - € 2.400

Hammer amount € 1.500

22. A Chinese white-glazed ewer
The bulbous body surmounted by a short waisted neck with everted rim, applied with rope-twist handle and short spout, covered with a milky white glaze ending in a straight line on the lower body.

Taxation € 5.000 - € 8.000

23. A Chinese amber-glazed moulded pottery bowl
The rounded sides rising from a short foot, the interior molded with a central flower-head surrounded by various trailing flower sprays and covered in a deep amber glaze spilling over to the exterior and stopping short above the foot revealing the pale p

Taxation € 1.800 - € 2.200

Hammer amount € 2.200

24. A Chinese slib-covered ewer
The body modelled with six lobes, surmounted by a slightly flared neck, applied with C-shaped handle and upright spout, covered in a layer of white slib below a transparent glaze, stopping short above the foot revealing the grey-beige buff.

Taxation € 4.000 - € 6.000