499 - The Christmas Special: art, jewelry, silver, design & antiques

17 December 2017

The auction season will be concluded with this very extensive interior auction. The catalog, consisting of no fewer than 508 lots, contains various private collections in the field of art, silver, jewellery, design and antiques.

The auction will start with a collection of silver objects, of which lot 10 immediately catches the eye. This extensive silver dinner set consists of 146 pieces and is suitable for 24 people. The attractive valuation for these plates and place settings in first grade silver is € 20,000 – 30,000.

Among the jewels you will find a special gold, silver and diamond pendant/brooch. This lot 73, set with approximately 3 carats of old-cut diamonds, is a true looker during your Christmas party. Various interesting lots have also been included for investors, including the separate high-quality diamonds. Appraisals for lot 78 to 80 ranging from € 6,000 to € 12,000.
This period of the year is of course very suitable for marriage proposals, which, for example, lot 81 and 82 would suit very well. The popular use of a solitaire engagement ring dates back to 1477, the year Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to his beloved Mary of Burgundy. Appraisals for these range from €7,500 to €12,000.
We are proud to present the collection of watches in this auction, of which lot 168 is a highly sought-after collector's item. This 18 carat gold pendant watch belongs to Jaeger LeCoultre's signature 'reverso' series. This object on a dark blue cord strap, whose case is set with brilliant cut diamonds, is offered to you with a valuation of € 10,000 – 15,000.

We are particularly pleased with the range of design objects in this auction, especially the designs made for Le Bon Marchee in Paris. These impressive pieces, the fencing with accompanying windows and lamps, will decorate your interior very gracefully. The valuations for these lots 247 to 250 are € 3,000 – 5,000 each.

This auction also contains a complete collection of 17th and 18th century tiles, with flowers, birds, mythological and biblical subjects as decoration. Valuations range from €500 to €5,000.

The auction will conclude with a collection of art and sculptures. These 198 lots are arranged in alphabetical order by artist and the catalog takes you from Affandi to de Zwart. Because the works were made between the 18th and 21st centuries, a good picture is sketched of the developments in art history of the last 300 years and this auction offers something for everyone.

Of course, the above is just a selection from the entire range. We therefore invite you to the online catalog here .

We hope to welcome you in our saleroom soon!

We draw your attention here Please note the various options for participating in the auction, even if you are unable to attend.

Any restorations or defects of the lots on offer are not listed in the catalogue. If you would like to receive more information about the condition of a lot, please contact us for a condition report.

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1. A set of twelve silvered underplates
The circular plates with slightly sunken well.

Taxation € 1.000 - € 1.500

Hammer amount € 1.500

2. A set of six Italian silver Bvlgari champagne flutes
Each on a circular foot, the trumpet-shaped cups gilt to the interior.

Taxation € 600 - € 800

Hammer amount € 850

3. A silvered serving tray
The oval tray with a rim with stylized leaves, the sides with two handles.

Taxation € 600 - € 800

4. A Dutch square silver cabaret
On four curved shell-shaped feet, the border with seed beads, engraved with shell ornaments.

Taxation € 600 - € 800

Hammer amount € 720

5. An Irish silver bowl
Standing on a circular foot and modelled with vertical flutes, one side engraved with a coat-of-arms surrounded by chased scrolls and the other side with a crest, the sides with two lion-head handles suspending loose rings.

Taxation € 3.000 - € 5.000

Hammer amount € 4.500

6. An English silver tea set
Each of oval shape, comprising a coffee pot with lid, a teapot with lid, a milk jug and a sugar bowl, together with a circular tray with a chased border design with shell-shaped motifs and seed beads.

Taxation € 600 - € 1.000

Hammer amount € 1.000

7. A Dutch seven-part silver coffee and tea set
Each angular and decorated with garlands with medallions, comprising a lidded coffee pot, a lidded tea pot, a lidded sugar bowl, a lidded rock sugar bowl, a creamer, a spoon vase and a brazier

Taxation € 1.500 - € 1.800

Hammer amount € 1.400

8. A silvered part dinner-service
Each with richly decorated rims, comprising an oval serving tray, a pair of saucers on stand, with openwork handles and a pair of lidded dishes.

Taxation € 600 - € 800

Hammer amount € 1.700

9. A Sterling silver moccha pot
The pear-shaped pot engraved with decorative rims with suspended ornaments and flower heads.

Taxation € 500 - € 800

Hammer amount € 600

10. An extensive silver dinner-service for twenty-four persons
Comprising a set of twenty-four dinner plates with gadrooned rim, a set of twenty-four similar side-dishes, two sets of flatware with reeded fiddle pattern comprising a set of twenty-four table spoons, a set of twenty-four table forks , a set of twenty-fou

Taxation € 20.000 - € 30.000

11. Five English silver rattles
All with bells, whistle and coral or mother of pearl teether.

Taxation € 600 - € 800

Hammer amount € 700

12. Five English silver rattles
All with bells, whistle and coral teether.

Taxation € 600 - € 800

Hammer amount € 900

13. A silver-mounted ostrich egg
On circular chased foot with panels including a lion, ostrich and monkey, the stem shaped as an African hunter, supporting a silver-mounted ostrich egg, the cover surmounted by an ostrich.

Taxation € 600 - € 800

Hammer amount € 1.500

14. A pair of silver table-pieces shaped as a woodcock
One standing tall, the other pecking.

Taxation € 2.000 - € 3.000

Hammer amount € 2.400

15. An English silver inkset
On rectangular stand with four leaf-shaped openwork feet, together with three openwork inkwell galleries, the flasks with silver openwork lids. Engraved with a crest.

Taxation € 800 - € 1.200

Hammer amount € 700

16. A Dutch silver cruet set
On sculpted, rectangular foot, on baluster stem terminating in two mascarons, with holders for the two crystal flasks and stoppers.

Taxation € 500 - € 800

17. A Dutch square silver tea caddy and cap
The sides possibly later decorated with a coat-of-arms, cupid, pelican and eagle, surrounded by seed beads. With a circular cover engraved with a flower-head.

Taxation € 800 - € 1.200

Hammer amount € 700

18. A Dutch silver pin tray
The oval tray on four scroll-shaped feet, with four compartments between raised flower ornaments and a cornucopia.

Taxation € 1.250 - € 1.500

Hammer amount € 1.100

19. A collection of Dutch silver miniatures
Comprising a frying pan with fish, a poffertjes pan, a spittoon, a brazier with mother-of-pearl handle, a waffle iron, a lidded teapot, an eal bucket and a set of six saucers and three pairs of bowls.

Taxation € 1.500 - € 2.500

Hammer amount € 2.800

20. Ten filigree silver buckles and a pair of buttons
All decorated in typical Dutch style, comprising of two parts and a pair of buttons.

Taxation € 500 - € 700

Hammer amount € 500

21. A 14 carat gold necklace, an onyx and diamond locket and a 14 carat gold, onyx and diamond brooch
The antique entwined necklace with enamel detail on the clasp, the oval onyx locket with rose-cut diamond detail, and a circular onyx brooch with rose-cut diamond detail.

Taxation € 600 - € 800

Hammer amount € 550

22. A collection of antique 14 carat and 18 carat gold jewellery and a silver pendant and necklet
Comprising four double filigree buckles, a spectacle in case, a cross pendant, a pearl brooch, a coral brooch, a filigree brooch, a ring, a bracelet with heart-shaped pendant, a belt hook with hair detail and a silver and rose- cut pendant with necklet

Taxation € 500 - € 700

Hammer amount € 1.200

23. A 20 carat gold snuffbox, an 18 carat gold box and a 14 carat gold purse
A circular-shaped engraved box, a rectangular curved box and a smooth, lined purse

Taxation € 500 - € 800

Hammer amount € 500

24. An 18 carat gold compact
The square guillotined compact with a mirror

Taxation € 500 - € 800

Hammer amount € 500