435 - The Summer Sale

29 June 2013

Traditionally, we will close the spring season with an all-encompassing auction for your interior. In this Summer Sale you will find furniture, clocks, watches, silver, jewellery, porcelain, pottery and Asian products. The catalog is supplemented with a large number of works of art, including paintings, watercolors and graphics and a special collection of sculptures from the ABN AMRO offices.


In the case of Chinese porcelain, for example, you will find a particularly beautiful 'capped bowl', named after a 17th century type of headgear. The bowl has the six-character mark Kangxi (1662 – 1722) and is decorated on the outside with various people and their servants. The inside of the bowl is painted with 'fools'; these cheerful Chinese figures make the bowl an impressive whole. Valuation € 1,500 – 2,000.

An 18-piece Kangxi blue and white service part is beautifully decorated with a fan in a medallion and flanked by four bouquets. Valuation € 3,200 – 4,000.

A Kangxi (Chenhua marked) blue-white bowl, has a beautiful curved shape and is decorated with fools. On the inside it is decorated with 'long lines', lotus flowers and shells on waves. Valuation € 2,500 – 3,500.

Special and depicted in the standard work 'China for the West' by Howard & Ayers, are nine 'Scheveningen plates' with a view of the seaside resort and wave motifs along the edge. The valuation for these plates manufactured in China for the Dutch market is € 2,300 – 3,000.

Extremely rare is a series of six famille-rose and blue-white coat of arms, dating from around 1735. The plates are painted with the coat of arms of the Clifford of Chudleigh family. Along the edge are large flower sprays, a basket handle and a helmet sign.

The plates are discussed in the two important reference works in this field, DS Howard's Chinese Armorial Porcelain and the leading Dutch book by Dr JK Kroes Chinese Armorial Porcelain for the Dutch market, in which the author ranks them as 'Clifford 3 crockery'. Valuation € 3,000 – 4,000.

A second series of six plates, this time bearing the arms of the Seys-Monmouth family, dates from circa 1745. Along the edge the plates are decorated with flower sprays in 'bianco sopra bianco' or white on white. Valuation € 2,500 – 3,500.

A beautiful vase with trumpet-shaped neck from the Jin/Yuan dynasty (1115 – 1368) is red-brown mottled with a decoration of flying birds. Valuation for this 27.5 cm high vase is € 2,000 – 3,000.

A monumental blue and white vase from the Wanli period (1573 – 1619) is painted with a decor of birds, floral motif and rocks. Estimate for this 47 cm high vase is € 1,800 – 2,500.

The Delft plaques, earthenware paintings with their so diverse, typically Dutch depictions, are always popular. This time one is up for auction with a charming interior scene, depicting a lady and two gentlemen around a table on which a glass, a pitcher and a pipe stove. The gentleman on the left is having fun with the lady, the man on the right is smoking a Gouda pipe. Valuation for this 18th century 'wall plaque' is € 1,500 – 2,000.

A real 'toy for boys' is a large brass binocular from the 19th century. The binoculars will be sold with the original box with label of the Parisian maker A. Bardou. Estimate for this suitable study object is € 1,000 – 1,500.

A beautiful copper spherical crown with six large arms and six smaller arms above it is 98 cm high and has a diameter of 85 cm. This imposing Dutch masterpiece from the 17th century has a valuation of € 12,000 – 15,000.

A hanging lamp, designed by Jan Eisenloeffel (1876 – 1957), dates from around 1928 and is made of bronzed copper with enamel. This beautiful example of early 20th century Dutch design comes from the Kralingse villa Ypenhof, which ended up with the current owner through inheritance. Valuation € 4,000 – 6,000.

A pair of early 19th century gilt bronze wall appliques, ornately designed depicting a winged woman in tunic and griffins, has been valued at €2,000 – 3,000.

This auction contains an important and extensive collection of Dutch porcelain from the period 1770 – 1810. The collection includes Loosdrecht, Amstel and Hague goods, while an extremely rare milk jug of the earliest Weesper porcelain will be auctioned. The biscuit porcelain portrait busts of Johan van Oldenbarnevelt and Johan de Witt, as can also be admired in the renewed permanent display of the Rijksmuseum, will also be auctioned. Valuation € 3,500 – 4,500.

This collection has been put together with care, love and expertise over the past forty years, both by means of purchases from the art trade and at various auctions. A unique opportunity to acquire a good piece of this much sought-after porcelain.

An Amsterdam longcase watch signed by Lourens Mostaert (born 1685) dates from about 1750. The clock, in burr walnut case, has an eight-day movement and a half calendar. The personifications of the four seasons are applied to the corners of the dial. Valuation € 3,500 – 4,500.

A beautiful mantel clock with a pair of cassolettes from the end of the 18th century is signed on the back by Ferdinand Berthoud, Paris. To the left of the cupboard a sitting, reading woman and on top of a globe. Valuation € 1,500 – 2,000.

Rare is the diamond-shaped empire cartel clock, the dial of which is signed Dubuc L'aine. The chapter ring is held by an Egyptian woman, standing on a Mercury staff. The white enamel dial is decorated with Roman numerals for the hours and Arabic numerals for the minutes. Valuation € 2,000 – 3,000.

Some beautiful furniture will also be offered for auction. You will find a signed French desk flat from the 18th century by furniture maker Antoine-Marie Criaerd, who obtained his mastership in 1747. The current owners bought the desk in the 1970s from the well-known firm Nystad in Lochem. Valuation € 3,000 – 4,000.

A beautiful, richly decorated early 18th century French table, complete with marble top, is valued at €5,000 – 7,000.

An attractive late 18th century mahogany corner cabinet, entirely in the Dutch Louis XVI style, has a valuation of € 3,000 – 4,000. Such (buffet) cabinets were used to store bottles, carafes and glasses, but also to pour the drinks, thanks to the handy pull-out tray halfway.

A real 'must have' is the art cabinet from southern Germany and dating from around 1700. The drawers and doors are glued with mirror glass, which gives a wonderful effect next to the black wood. Valuation € 1,500 – 2,000.

Among the silver objects you will find one of the rarest objects from this auction; an early 17th century binding containing a church booklet from 1781. The openwork pierced binding has extremely finely modeled details. For example, next to the central medallion there are a few sitting squirrels, birds and angels. All against a backdrop of masterfully struck foliage and bandel work. On the back an engraved representation of David with his harp. Valuation € 8,000 – 12,000.

Of a different order are the two silver table pieces in the form of a pair of partridges. Well designed and very detailed, they are an ideal pair to give your festively set table even more shine. Estimated € 1,200 – 1,500.

A chic six-piece first grade silver tea set, from the Amsterdam silversmiths A. Schoorl and J. Zinger from 1950, is valued at € 3,000 – 4,000.

This catalog contains more than 120 lots of jewelry and watches. You will find an 18K white gold bracelet with sapphire and diamond in Art Deco style (with matching ear studs) with a valuation of € 6,000 – 8,000. The sapphire setting used here was developed in the 1930s by the firm of Van Cleef & Arpels under the name 'serti mysteryux', because it appears invisible from the outside.

An 18K gold medallion from around 1870 bears a French hallmark. The oval piece of jewelery has an imposed decoration of a bird and is set with seed pearls, diamonds and colored stones. Valuation € 1,400 – 1,800.

A South Sea/Tahiti pearl necklace with earrings with diamonds has gray pearls in descending size. The necklace measures no less than 47 cm and the estimate is € 5,000 – 6,000.

Two Baune & Mercier men's watches, a quartz watch and a chronograph, have recently been overhauled and are valued at €1,700 – 2,400.

The auction will end with a very extensive collection of paintings, watercolors, drawings, graphics and sculptures. The 282 lots are arranged in alphabetical order by artist and the catalog thus leads you from Pierre Alechinsky to Willem de Zwart. Because the works were made between the 18th and 21st century, you will be given a good picture of the developments in art history of the last 300 years.

The range is supplemented by the collection of sculptures from the ABN AMRO offices. These objects were often obtained directly from the artist and are now on the market for the first time. The more than 70 works vary in size and style, but are all equally decorative and special. Important artists from this collection are Bram Roth, Marga Brey, Ger Zijlstra, Bulent Evren and Tjikkie Kreuger.

More than half of all artworks are auctioned with no reserve price. You can recognize this by the valuation € 1 – 1.

We hope to welcome you in our saleroom soon!

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1. A silver bread basket
Oval and boat-shaped, with pearl rim and openwork.

Taxation € 800 - € 1.200

Hammer amount € 850

2. A silver fruit dish
Circular and smooth. The folded rim with openwork. On circular constricted foot with continuous floral motif.

Taxation € 600 - € 1.000

3. A silver bread basket
In Louis XV style. Oval and openwork in floral motif. On four rocaille- and scroll-shaped feet.

Taxation € 700 - € 1.000

Hammer amount € 800

4. A silver teapot
Circular and flat. Flower-shaped grip. With continuous floral motif and seed beads.

Taxation € 800 - € 1.200

Hammer amount € 700

5. A silver coffeepot and a silver mocha pot
Smooth, oval and lobed. On the hinged lid a pinnacle.

Taxation € 900 - € 1.200

6. A silver teapot, sugar bowl and creamer
Smooth, oval and decorated with gadroons. The top with cable cord decoration. The teapot with a reclining lion as grip and wooden handle. On constricted oval foot.

Taxation € 600 - € 1.000

Hammer amount € 680

7. A four-part silver coffee set
In old-Dutch style decorated with various landscapes with birds and floral motif.

Taxation € 1.500 - € 2.000

8. A six-part tea set
Oval and smooth. Upper and lower side with beading. On constricted oval foot. Comprising a teapot, a brazier, a sugar bowl, a creamer, a tea caddy and a spoon vase.

Taxation € 3.000 - € 4.000

9. A sterling silver coffee- and tea set
Comprising: a coffeepot, a teapot, a creamer, a sugar bowl and a lidded bowl. Smooth with engraved monogram: BAG. A pinnacle shaft grip. Along the rim gadroons. On constricted circular foot.

Taxation € 2.000 - € 3.000

10. A silver bouilloir
Smooth, pear-shaped and octagonal. On both sides a handle with shell ornament. The front with a tap. On octagonal, constricted and outlined base. On detachable brazier, resting on four feet terminating in scrolls.

Taxation € 1.500 - € 2.000

Hammer amount € 1.500

11. Two silver bread baskets and three silver sauce boats
The baskets oval, boat-shaped and openwork. The sauce boats smooth and scalloped, on fixed dishes. The last sterling, first grade silver and with scroll-shaped handle.

Taxation € 700 - € 1.000

Hammer amount € 850

12. A silver tray and a silver dish
The tray oval and smooth. The raised rim with openwork egg-and-dart and pearl rim. The dish also oval and smooth, with scalloped rim.

Taxation € 600 - € 1.000

Hammer amount € 650

13. A serving tray with silver handles
Rectangular with raised and scalloped rim. The handles in floral motif, with engraving and terminating in scrolls.

Taxation € 600 - € 1.000

Hammer amount € 350

14. A serving tray with silver handles
The tray with marquetery in floral and geometric motif. The raised rim scalloped.

Taxation € 600 - € 1.000

Hammer amount € 2.400

15. A silver jardiniere with blue glass liner and silver basket
After Louis XVI example. Oval, part openwork with beading. On eight, ram's head surmounted, tapering feet terminating in hooves, between bow-ornaments and garlands. The basket boat-shaped, openwork with beading. With simulated maker's mark Hendrik III Kam

Taxation € 900 - € 1.200

Hammer amount € 900

16. A pair of silver salts with blue glass liners
Oval, boat-shaped and openwork egg and dart. On both sides a handle in the form of a ram's head. On constricted circular foot on a lozenge-shaped base.

Taxation € 600 - € 1.000

17. A prayer book in silver binding
The front and back with openwork decoration. With central oval medallion flanked by two squirrels. Surmounted by two birds, the lower side with a cherub. All amidst foliate and strapwork motif. The back divided into three segments by ribs and with an engrav

Taxation € 8.000 - € 12.000

Hammer amount € 5.400

18. A crystal vase on silver foot
The exterior with cut and tapering fluting. On constricted, circular foot with scalloped rim. Only known example.

Taxation € 1.200 - € 1.800

Hammer amount € 1.200

19. A crystal bowl on silver gilt foot
The bowl circular with facet-cut decoration.The foot in the form of a standing woman or caryatid. On circular and profiled base resting on four feet in the form of a cherub.

Taxation € 700 - € 1.000

20. A glass decanter
Circular with fifteen vertical ribs. High, upward tapering neck. Curved hollow handle. Around the neck a silver mount with silver stopper in the form of a silver ten 'stuiver' coin, and cable-cord rim with rooster. Mount and stopper joined by a chain link

Taxation € 1.000 - € 1.500

Hammer amount € 4.000

21. A part silver-gilt cup and saucer, a silver-gilt cake server, a tobacco/snuffbox and a pair niëllo silver and gilt cups
The cup (with monogram) and saucer smooth with a palmette border.

Taxation € 1.000 - € 1.500

22. A collection of twenty-one glass perfume bottles with silver mounts
Various models and executions: flat, oval, gourd-shaped, hexagonal or ribbed. Two painted in red, one in the form of a barrel.

Taxation € 1.000 - € 1.500

Hammer amount € 850

23. A pair of silver table decorations
In the form of a pair of partridges. One with raised head, the other picking the ground.

Taxation € 1.200 - € 1.500

Hammer amount € 1.250

24. Three silver sigar/spectacle cases and a pillbox
Oval and ribbed. The sliding lid with engraved letter: M in an oval medallion. The other with rounded corners and sides, also ribbed and furthermore with two cablecord ornaments. The third flat, oval and ribbed.

Taxation € 900 - € 1.200