432 - 19th Century Paintings & a collection of works by Old Masters

26 May 2013

We are proud to present you the catalog of our upcoming auction, which provides a wonderful overview of works made in the 17th to early 20th century. The auction will start with twenty special paintings by Old Masters, all selected for their art-historical and decorative value.

For example, the first lot is attributed to Pieter Cornelisz. Verbeeck and shows you a resting traveler with a horse, a subject for which this artist is so famous. Valuation € 1,000 – 1,500.

Lot 2 consists of two pendants by Adriaen de Grijef, depicting hunting lodges in a landscape. De Grijef was apprenticed to his father, Jacques de Claeuw, at a young age. Like his teacher, he excelled in painting still lifes, mainly with the hunting theme. It is known that de Grijef has made pendants more often, these are therefore always very sought after. Valuation € 3,000 – 5,000.

Attributed to Johannes van der Bent is lot 3, 'Shepherds with cattle in an Italianate landscape', a beautiful large format canvas of an impressive landscape upholstered with figures and animals. Valuation € 2,000 – 3,000.

For lovers of religious images, we offer lots 8 to 13, including a very typical work by Nicolaes Moeyaert. This 'Death of the disobedient prophet' not only has an impressive provenance, but is also mentioned in the literature. Valuation € 2,000 – 3,000.

Lot 14 is by Thomas Wijck and shows you the 'Levant'. The Levant is a historical-geographical term for a part of Western Asia. It occupies the portion immediately east of the Mediterranean Sea. Its central location between three continents has traditionally been a transit area for itinerant nomads and caravans with traveling merchants. Depicted is the activity outside the city wall with a view of the sea. Valuation € 3,000 – 4,000.

The next work is the 'Portrait of a young woman with pearls and a lace collar' by Hendrik van Hastenbergh, which clearly shows the wealth and elegance of this young lady from 1654. It is known that the work was sold in 1928 at an auction of Mak van Waay in Amsterdam together with her male other half. After this panel had been owned by Kunsthandel St. Lucas in The Hague, it became part of the collection of the US ambassador, Mr Baruch, in 1947. After being in private ownership for a long time, we offer it to you with a valuation of € 3,000 – 5,000.

This auction contains three works of a very unique collector's subject. Lot 17,18 and 19 depict the doctor's visit. The first, by Jan Miense Molenaer, shows you a 'Keisnijder'. When a person was mentally ill, it was believed that he had a boulder in his head. In this painting, the boulder is removed by a quack. These kinds of performances, in which the figures wear theatrical costumes, were very entertaining for the ordinary spectator, but a house piece-de-conversation for educated doctors. This typical painting was sold by KunsthandelP. de Boer in Amsterdam and subsequently became part of a beautiful private collection. Valuation € 3,000 – 5,000.

Striking is the work by Anthonie Jansz. van der Croos, depicting 'Fishermen along the waterfront with a view of a city'. The fact that this neighbor of Jan van Goyen allowed himself to be influenced by him is also clearly visible here. The quality of lot 20 explains that works by these two artists have often been confused in the past. Valuation € 5,500 – 7,500.

Lot 21 is the start of the Romantic section in this auction. This large-format painting by Frederik Marinus Kruseman depicts a 'Winter landscape with skaters on the river and walkers on the adjacent village path'. Despite the fact that Kruseman painted this work already at the age of 27, it is stylistically very recognizable and of very high quality. In addition to the beautiful provenance, the work is also mentioned in the oeuvre catalog by Van Heteren and De Meere. Valuation for this overwhelming piece is € 25,000 – 35,000.

Coming from the largest family of painters in the Netherlands, we offer you two works (lot 23 & 26) by Johannes Hermanus Barend Koekkoek. Despite the differences in subject matter, both are recognizable by the skillful and elegant hand of the artist. Valuation € 2,500 – 3,500 / € 2,000 – 3,000.

You get a summery feeling when you look at lot 28 by Lodewijk Johannes Kleijn. This river landscape, more than 50 cm wide, is decorated with various figures, cows, boats and mills and takes you back in time. Valuation € 2,500 – 3,500.

The 'View of the Kerkplein and the Eusebius Church in Arnhem' by Elias Pieter van Bommel is impressive. The bustle on the Kerkplein has not diminished, but the face of the church has completely changed. Sixty years after this canvas was painted, the church was largely destroyed during the Battle of Arnhem; the church burned out completely and the tower collapsed. The restoration took more than twenty years, during which the spire was given a completely new appearance. During this restoration, images from Walt Disney comics were also added between religious scenes. An Arnhem pastor, who protested against this, was promptly immortalized by the sculptor in the performances. This colorful painting, lot 30, has a valuation of €10,000 – 15,000.

The largest work in this auction is lot 39, by Frans Courtens. These cows on the Zaan ('Bords de la Zan') sparkle in the morning light on the more than two meters high canvas. This work has been part of important collections not only in the Netherlands, but also in France and is mentioned in the literature. In 2001 it was exhibited in Museum Kempenland in Eindhoven, of which it adorns the catalogue. Valuation € 20,000 – 30,000.

For duck lovers, we offer you works by the two most sought-after painters of this genre, Constant Artz and Willem Maris. Of the latter (lot 43) you will find a 'Duck family along the waterfront' on canvas of almost one meter wide. The work is characterized by the swift brushstroke and the clever rendering and has a valuation of € 4,000 – 6,000.

His contemporary Willem Roelofs is represented by a very characteristic painting entitled 'Dutch landscape with seesaw watermills'. You will most likely see a fisherman here in 't Gijn, with its famous windmills in the background, which also provide a wonderful perspective. Not only has the artist signed and dated the work 1856, the work is also dedicated to his friend Edmond Lambrichs. Roelofs visited Brussels regularly since 1847, so that he soon found himself in important artistic circles there and met Lambrichs. This lot 47 has a valuation of € 3,000 – 5,000.

Striking are no less than two works by Jan Zoetelief Tromp in this catalog. Works by Zoetelief Tromp are scarce and both lots come from different private collections. Lot 51 shows two girls from Staphorst on a summer day in an almost pointillist flowering cornfield. The work was purchased from Christie's Amsterdam in 1975 and has not been shown publicly since. Valuation € 10,000 – 15,000.

The other work by this artist, lot 52, depicts three potato harvesting girls.

Zoetelief Tromp painted this canvas in his Katwijk period, his most sought-after time. A glass negative of this work was recently found by the family in the artist's former studio in Breteuil-sur-Iton in France, where the family moved in the late 1920s. Valuation € 20,000 – 30,000.

This collection contains various works on paper, including lot 54 by Willy Sluiter. This 'Elegant company on the beach' dates from 1902; a year after the Sluiter family moved to Katwijk. The fact that Sluiter has previously made various beach views in Scheveningen can clearly be seen in the fluidity and accuracy with which the artist has placed the pastels. Valuation € 3,000 – 5,000.

The watercolor with gouache by Floris Arntzenius, lot 55, is extremely Hague-like. This 'Business in the Spuistraat' depicts the many visitors to this shopping street on a rainy day and confirms that Arntzenius is seen as the master of The Hague's cityscapes. Valuation € 8,000 – 12,000.

His Amsterdam contemporary and counterpart George Hendrik Breitner is represented with lot 60; a 'View of the Oudezijds Achterburgwal'. After Breitner moved to Amsterdam in 1886, he recorded city life through sketches, paintings and photographs. Less than ten years later he photographed this canal, the photo of which was used as an example for this painting. The Oudezijds Achterburgwal intrigued Breitner because of the rhythm and the reflection of the houses, which fade into the distance. Coming from a beautiful private collection, the work is offered to you here with a valuation of €15,000 – 20,000.

For those on a tighter budget but also interested in this Amsterdam Impressionism, we recommend viewing the three works by Maria Henry Mackenzie. Works by this student of Breitner were often confused with those of his teacher. He painted and drew many old facades, alleys, boats, workhorses (lot 62), construction sites (lot 61) and piling rigs, but he also liked to capture the view from his studio in Amsterdam (lot 63). Appraisals for these works range from €800 – 2,000.

The 'Bridge in Delft' by Isidoor Opsomer is beautiful. Lot 67 shows the skill of this post-impressionist painter of portraits, cityscapes, landscapes and still lifes. This colorful work is valued at € 1,000 – 2,000.

Among the group portraits you will find a very nice painting by Jacobus Buys from 1754. Buys, a pupil of Cornelis Pronk and Cornelis Troost, was not only a painter but also a regent, namely aldermen of Mijdrecht. In 1755 he moved to Amsterdam, where he became a teacher and later director of the Amsterdam Drawing Academy. The work presented here belongs to a small number of comparable family groups depicted in interiors from the 1850s and can therefore be seen as a historical source. Valuation € 1,500 – 2,500.

This auction also includes various foreign artists, including lot 79 by Marcel Cosson. This panel depicts Parisian opulence at the turn of the last century, with graceful dancers joined by distinguished gentlemen on the steps of the theatre. Valuation for this internationally sought-after work is € 1,500 – 2,500.

Belonging to Russian Impressionism is lot 84, by Nikolai Vasilevich Charitonov. The 'Nanny', seated with the little one, is rendered extremely tactile and again confirms that the Russian Impressionists are not inferior to their French colleagues. Valuation € 1,000 – 2,000.

The work by Guillaume Romain Fouace comes from Paris: 'Raisins blancs sur un plat'. The way in which the incidence of light, but also the porcelain plate is depicted in lot 87, is of an international level. The canvas, which has been exhibited in France, has a valuation of €3,000 – 4,000.

Naturally, the name Henriette Ronner-Knip cannot be missed in an auction like this one. Lot 88 is an early work by her depicting one of her favorite subjects: 'Dogcart with vegetables'. In this version, the dog cart is not only depicted with one dog, but a resting buddy is located next to him. Despite its small size, at only 19 cm high, the scene has been painted with the utmost care; the dog's fur, the carrots and the lettuce are almost of a photographic reality. Valuation € 1,500 – 2,500.

We conclude the auction with two works by dog painter Otto Eerelman. The last one, lot 90, shows a 'Terrier with a business card in the mouth' in mixed media on paper. The business card bears the abbreviation PF, which stands for 'Pour féliciter'; after all, the work was painted as a birthday present. Coming from the family collection and in very good condition, the work is offered with a valuation of € 3,000 – 5,000.

We hope to welcome you in our saleroom soon!

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1. Attributed to Pieter Cornelisz. Verbeeck
A peaceful moment

Taxation € 1.000 - € 1.500

Hammer amount € 2.800

2. Adriaen de Grijef
a) Hunting booty in a landscape

Taxation € 3.000 - € 5.000

Hammer amount € 7.000

3. Attributed to Johannes van der Bent
Shepherds and their flock in an Italianized landscape

Taxation € 2.000 - € 3.000

Hammer amount € 2.200

4. Mid-European School
Activity in a village bordering a river

Taxation € 1.000 - € 2.000

Hammer amount € 2.200

5. Flemish School
Resting and working figures on the land with a fortified town in the background

Taxation € 1.000 - € 2.000

Hammer amount € 1.000

6. Dutch School
Shepherds with cattle in a wide landscape with a ruin and mountains in the background

Taxation € 1.000 - € 2.000

7. German School
Shepherds with cattle in an Italianized landscape

Taxation € 1.000 - € 2.000

Hammer amount € 2.400

8. Flemish School
The temptation of Christ in the desert

Taxation € 1.000 - € 2.000

Hammer amount € 1.000

9. Follower of Pieter Aertsen
The Holy Family

Taxation € 800 - € 1.200

Hammer amount € 800

10. Flemish School
The calling of the apostle Saul

Taxation € 800 - € 1.200

Hammer amount € 750

11. Studio of Cornelis van Poelenburch
Elijah and the ravens

Taxation € 800 - € 1.200

Hammer amount € 1.100

12. Italian School
Christ and the Samaritan woman

Taxation € 1.000 - € 2.000

Hammer amount € 800

13. Nicolaes Moeyaert
The death of the disobedient prophet (I Kings, XIII: 24)

Taxation € 2.000 - € 3.000

Hammer amount € 1.800

14. Thomas Wijck

Taxation € 3.000 - € 4.000

Hammer amount € 4.500

15. Hendrik van Hastenbergh
Portrait of a young woman with pearls and a lace collar

Taxation € 3.000 - € 5.000

Hammer amount € 4.000

16. Cornelis Mahu
The Seduction of the Maid

Taxation € 4.000 - € 6.000

Hammer amount € 3.500

17. Jan Miense Molenaer
The stone cutter

Taxation € 3.000 - € 5.000

Hammer amount € 7.500

18. After Jan Steen
The doctor's visit

Taxation € 800 - € 1.200

Hammer amount € 900

19. After Jan Steen
The cutting of the stone

Taxation € 800 - € 1.200

Hammer amount € 1.100

20. Anthonie Jansz. van der Croos
Fishermen by the water with a view of a city

Taxation € 5.500 - € 7.500

Hammer amount € 5.000

21. Frederik Marinus Kruseman
Winter landscape with skaters on the river and strollers alongside on a village path

Taxation € 25.000 - € 35.000

Hammer amount € 24.000

22. Frederik Marinus Kruseman
Winter landscape with riders by a farm

Taxation € 12.000 - € 18.000

23. Johannes Hermanus Barend Koekkoek
Resting travelers near Drachenfels

Taxation € 2.500 - € 3.500

Hammer amount € 3.000

24. Claas Hendrik Meiners
Fishermen along the bank of the river in the Rhine Valley

Taxation € 1.000 - € 1.500