430 - Longstories

3 April 2013

In 2007 and 2008, 21 beautiful works of art were created under the name 'Longstories' at the initiative of the Lung Cancer Information Center and Roche Nederland BV. These will be auctioned on Thursday 4 April 2013. The 'Long Stories' is a compelling appeal for greater understanding and better treatment options for patients with lung cancer.

Torch Gallery has asked 16 well-known visual artists to create works based on the life stories of patients with lung cancer and their loved ones. The result is a series of unique works of art, with histories that are often simultaneously poignant, wise and inspiring. All these works can be seen at www.longstories.nl.


After years of exhibiting the paintings and stories as a traveling exhibition in hospitals in the Netherlands, they are now being auctioned at AAG. The proceeds of the auction will be used for a national Awareness Campaign about lung cancer of the Lung Cancer Information Center.

Participating artists: 

Diana Blok, Koos Breukel, Marenka Gabeler, Margi Geerlinks, Teun Hocks, Anya Janssen, Willy Jolly, Uwe Kempen, Danielle Kwaaitaal, Colien Langerwerf, Renate Beatrice Munnike, Jans Muskee, Vivianne Sassen, Martine Stig, Wang Zi Won

All works can be seen at www.longstories.nl


We invite everyone to come to this important auction. The doors of the auction house open at 5 p.m. You will be welcomed with fine snacks and a glass of wine or soft drink by top chef Wicher Löhr of restaurant Het Koetshuis, awarded with 1 Michelin star. Wicher Löhr herself is a patient with lung cancer.

The program starts at 5.30 pm with, among other things, short and powerful presentations by pulmonologists, experience expert Judith Beulink and relative Cilia Linssen and of course the auction itself.

Golden Lungs

During the auction, the 'Golden Lungs' will be awarded for the first time to those who made a special effort last year for patients with lung cancer. This year, Dr Michel Rudolphie, director of the KWF, won this honorable prize.

This auction is closed.