404 - Indo-European & Asian Art in Singapore

21 October 2011

For many years, AAG has been organizing auctions of Indo-European Art with great success. These 'colonial' paintings, watercolors and drawings are characterized by the very recognizable environment of the Old Indies. The subjects are often: making sacrifices to the temple, an Indian beauty with a naked upper body, the cockfight, workers working on the paddi fields and of course the beautiful volcano with the setting sun.

Many of these works are no longer popular here; the link with old Indonesia is fading and these scenes and the use of color often do not fit well in our Northern European, contemporary interior. In contrast, these works are eagerly collected in Southeast Asia.
Our auctions bring the works back to the environment where they were once made.

Well-known painter names that you can think of are, for example: Le Mayeur, Bonnet, Hofker, Dooijewaard, Sonnega, Sonnega, Adolfs, Israels, Ohl, Eland, Imandt and Beynon. These names generally guarantee a very successful sale.

If you would like to make use of a completely non-binding valuation of your Indo-European art, please contact Talita Teves, T: 020 – 30 12 950.
It is also possible to send a photo of the work concerned by e-mail: info@aagauctioneers.com

This auction is closed.