403 - The European Interior

2 October 2011

1. A three-part silver tea set
In Louis XVI style. Oval, part smooth. Decorated with bows, portrait medallions and garlands. On pierced oval foot. Comprising a teapot, a sugar bowl and a milk jug.

Taxation € 600 - € 800

Hammer amount € 600

2. A four-part silver tea set
Comprising a teapot with wooden handle and knob, a tea caddy, a sugar bowl and a milk jug. Smooth and oval, with edging. On constricted oval foot.

Taxation € 1.000 - € 1.400

Hammer amount € 1.200

3. A silver coffee pot, lidded basket and a bowl
The coffee pot with engraved marriage arms and decorated with gadroons and floral motif. The basket in the form of a wicker basket, the lid with various fruits. The bowl circular and lobed.

Taxation € 750 - € 850

Hammer amount € 650

4. A silver tea set
Circular and decorated with two cartouches joined by a frieze with a classical scene. A pinacle as knob. The curved spout and handle terminating in a mythical animal head.

Taxation € 600 - € 700

5. A silver coffee set
Smooth and circular with Maccasar ebony handles and grip. Comprising a coffee pot, a sugar bowl, a milk jug, a spoon vase and an oval tray.

Taxation € 1.400 - € 1.600

6. A silver teapot
Smooth and circular. The lid knob in the form of a spiral supported lid. Part curved and part flat spout. Curved ivory handle. On circular and constricted foot.

Taxation € 600 - € 700

Hammer amount € 500

7. A silver teapot
Oval, part smooth and with gadroons. The lid knob in the form of a coiled snake. On constricted oval foot.

Taxation € 600 - € 700

Hammer amount € 300

8. A silver and blue glass lidded dish on under tray
In Empire/retour d'Egypt manner. On the circular lid a pear-shaped grip. The circular, blue glass dish in silver mounts supported by six Egyptian servants linked by swags.

Taxation € 1.000 - € 1.500

Hammer amount € 500

9. A silver dish with blue glass liner
Oval, openwork of grapes and vines and a palmette border. On both sides a double, curved handle terminating in the head of a mythical animal. On four claw feet with acanthus leaf.

Taxation € 800 - € 1.000

10. A silver jardiniere
Smooth, oval and part pierced in floral motif. Both sides with curved handle. On four pierced work feet. With brass liner.

Taxation € 700 - € 900

Hammer amount € 1.550

11. A silver pastry basket
Oval and pierced work in floral motif. The scrolled rim with four masks. On four curved and pierced work feet.

Taxation € 700 - € 900

Hammer amount € 480

12. A silver inkwell
Vase-shaped pot on oval tray. On the hinged lid a fruit-shaped button. Smooth, part in hammered and floral motif. On four flower-shaped feet.

Taxation € 800 - € 1.000

Hammer amount € 2.200

13. A pair of silver and engraved glass salt and pepper shakers
After Louis XVI example. With a central openwork handle crowned by a flower vase. On both sides an engraved glass shaker in circular mount. On outlined tray with bow-ornaments, medallions and acanthus leaf. On four ball feet.

Taxation € 1.500 - € 2.000

14. A silver bisquit tin on tray
Circular, smooth, with beaded rim.

Taxation € 600 - € 750

Hammer amount € 420

15. A silver biscuit tin on tray
Smooth and circular. Upper and under rim with beaded edge.

Taxation € 900 - € 1.100

Hammer amount € 800

16. A silver dish, a silver dish on tray and a three-sided silver dish
The first smooth with cable cord rim. The second smooth and circular. The last dish with edging.

Taxation € 600 - € 800

Hammer amount € 1.100

17. A silver box, a silver tray and a silver sugar and cream set
The box oval, lobed and decorated with engraving. The tray circular with raised scalloped rim. The set smooth and comprising a milk jug and a sugar pot on oval tray.

Taxation € 600 - € 700

Hammer amount € 550

18. A pair of silver trays
Circular, with edge. On three curved feet.

Taxation € 800 - € 1.200

Hammer amount € 1.350

19. A silver plated serving tray on silver plated stand
The tray with rounded corners and raised rim decorated with gadroons. On both sides a handle with gadroons and acanthus leaf.

Taxation € 800 - € 900

20. A silver set of tableware
Smooth with beaded edge and laurel wreath on the rims and handles. Comprising two circular platters, a pair of sauce boats on oval underplate, two circular dishes with lid, two dishes without lids.

Taxation € 3.000 - € 4.000

Hammer amount € 3.800

21. A pair of silver candlesticks
Smooth, part ribbed and with beaded edges. Oval bobeche, stem and foot.

Taxation € 700 - € 900

Hammer amount € 1.900

22. Four sterling silver candlesticks
Smooth, circular, vase-shaped holders. Tapering shaft on circular and profiled foot.

Taxation € 600 - € 800

23. A pair of silver candlesticks
Smooth with seven beaded rims. Detachable, oval bobeches on vase-shaped holders. Tapering shaft. On oval and profiled foot.

Taxation € 1.000 - € 1.400

Hammer amount € 2.800

24. A pair of silver candlesticks
Smooth, with detachable, disc-shaped bobeches. Vase-shaped holders. The shaft in the form of a pedestal. On scalloped and profiled foot.

Taxation € 600 - € 700

Hammer amount € 900