Upcoming auction

523 – ONline ONly

Date September 2022
Viewing days September 2022

The auction season will conclude with this ONline ONly auction, consisting of works of art with an estimated auction value of up to € 3,000. This auction offers you art from all periods and in different styles; from 19th century flower still life to contemporary graphics and photography.

More than ten years ago we introduced this 'Art up to € 3,000' concept to engage a new group of clients and collectors, but also to provide an introduction to those who consider visiting a viewing day or auction as daunting. These sales are by now well-known to and frequented by both young collectors and seasoned collectors searching for that special find.

We invite you to contribute to this auction by submitting your paintings, watercolors, drawings, graphics, photography and sculptures. For a free valuation, please contact:

Talita Teves
+31 20 – 30 12 950