The largest Dutch auction house

Veilinghuis AAG is located in Amsterdam, the most important art and antiques center in the country, which is also the focus of the international art trade and the international auction industry. You can visit our office every working day for information and valuations. The auction house maintains a special relationship with The Hague, which is partly based on its founding and years of establishment in this city, partly on existing ties with the Indian community there, from which the auction house derives one of its specializations.
In Jakarta and Singapore, the auction house has been successfully auctioning Indonesian and Indo-European art for many years. A branch office in Geneva maintains contact with the Dutch community there.


AAG focuses broadly on art, antiques, collectibles and wines of good quality. With this choice, the auction house makes the auctions attractive to a wide audience. Each item to be auctioned is surrounded by items of high quality in their genre and price range.
Contributors can count on optimal publicity for goods put up for auction in every category and in every price category. The auction house organizes an auction every six months for Old Masters Paintings, for 19th and early 20th century paintings, for Modern and Contemporary Visual Art and for Furniture and Miscellaneous, such as Pottery, Porcelain, Silver and Jewelry. In addition, auctions of wines are regularly organized. Depending on the occasion, special auctions are devoted to a particular theme, a special occasion or a special collection. Several times a year, auctions of Indonesian and Indo-European paintings and crafts are held in Jakarta and / or Singapore.

Servant, reliable and knowledgeable

AAG offers the best possible service to contributors and buyers. An consignor can count on a quick response when he wishes to offer goods for auction, on expert guidance during the sale and on a quick payment afterwards. Potential contributors are advised quickly and expertly, even when it concerns a no-obligation appraisal or advice on inheritance and distribution. Goods to be auctioned are brought to the attention of potential buyers, placed on the internet, prominently displayed in catalogs and displayed on viewing days. Where applicable, the press and publicity are engaged.
For objects that have not been sold during an auction, there is the possibility of an after-sale, either using the Internet or by discreetly using the network of relations. When optimizing the value of any piece requires this, it is in the interest of the contributor mediated with third parties at home or abroad.

Buyers are specifically informed about auctions to be held by means of notices, advertisements, press coverage, illustrated catalogs and the Internet.

They can submit their bids via the internet, by prior written bids and during the auction, where bids can also be made by telephone. Buyers can rely on the information provided by the auction house about the origin and quality of objects to be auctioned. Prior to the auction, they can obtain information from experts from the auction house and advise them on the condition and pricing of objects to be auctioned.

For the benefit of contributors and buyers, the auction conditions are detailed and binding in a document that is available to everyone.
The auction house has a small team of experienced experts with whom the necessary expertise in the various sections is largely available in-house. In addition, use is made of experts from circles of art historians, collectors and museums who are specialized in sub-areas. Several experienced auctioneers and appraisers are associated with the auction house. AAG is an auction company registered with the Federation of Appraisers, Brokers and Auctioneers.

The proceeds from auctioned goods are collected and settled with the contributor and the auction house by a Stichting Derdengelden.