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    In Switzerland we focus specifically on collections of the Dutch community there. Many Dutchmen settled in the neutral territory in the fifties and sixties to establish a new life, taking with them their Dutch heirlooms and possessions.

    In Switzerland we look for such typical Dutch objects, for example Amsterdam silver or a painting by Kees Maks of which we can be sure the object will fetch a higher selling price when offered at auction in Amsterdam.

    Valuation at home is possible by appointment, or otherwise at our Geneva office. 

    Naturally it is also possible to receive a free valuation on the basis of photographs. These can be sent to our Amsterdam office by post, or by e-mail to info@aagauctioneers.com


    Rue du Rhône 59-I
    CH-1204 Genève
    Tel. +41-22-3103332
    Fax +41-22-3120203