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  • 493 - The Asian Art Sale

    Sale: Monday 3 July 2017, 2 p.m.
    Viewing: Friday 30 June - Sunday 2 July, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    For collectors and connoisseurs of Asian Arts this auction is an event not to be missed. The 213 lots on offer cover porcelain and earthenware, as well as utensils, furniture, garments, works of art and other collectables.

    The catalogue starts with a selection of blue and white porcelain, lot 5 being truly captivating. This large-sized ‘Kraak’ porcelain dish with a diameter of nearly 50 cm is decorated with birds, peonies, and antiquities in the partitioning so characteristic of the Wanli period. Valuation € 2.000 - 3.000.
    The cover is illustrated with lot 8, a fine ‘Klapmuts’ bowl painted with weiqi players and a qin musician. Valuation € 3.000 - 4.000. Also dating from the Kangxi period is lot 26, a lidded baluster vase, richly decorated with lotus, peonies, chrysanthemum and prunus. With a height of 56 cm it will be offered with a very attractive valuation of € 4.000 - 6.000.

    Amongst the famille rose porcelain on offer we come across an outstanding Bajixiang censer.
    This lot 51 is decorated with a depiction of lotus flowers and bats on a yellow ground. The interior is covered with a turquoise glaze. Valuation € 5.000 - 8.000.
    Lot 55 stands out due to its exuberant decoration in blue and white combined with famille rose, which elevates this dish to a true work of art. Valuation € 4.000 - 6.000.
    One of the highlights of this sale is lot 60.
    This Chinese coral-ground dish is decorated with a sumptuous composition of flowers on a red ground. The valuation for this rare object is € 7.000 - 9.000.

    Besides numerous teapots, our collection of Yixing ware comprises two beautiful 18th century tea caddies with lids under lot 77. The pair is decorated with dragons with the flaming pearl amidst clouds on each side and will be offered with an expected auction result of € 5.000 - 7.000.

    Highly sought-after by collectors and by interior decorators are lots 95 and 96.
    The 19th century blue silk robes are both meticulously embroidered with exuberant decorations. Valuation € 800 - 1.200 and € 600 - 800. Another remarkable object on offer is the whimsically shaped ‘Scholar’s Rock’ root, with a height of 86 cm. This decorative wooden object, is offered under lot 98 and has a valuation of € 800 - 1.200. Constructed from a special and rare species of wood is lot 107, a large hongmu calligraphy table with a deep, honey-coloured patina. Dating from the Qing dynasty, the table has been well preserved and is a true collector’s item. Valuation € 6.500 - 8.500. This section of the auction further contains various pieces of furniture, including an 18th century display cabinet, well-suited for displaying your own collection of porcelain. This lot 115 has a valuation of € 2.500 - 3.500.

    In addition, a variety of Japanese porcelain will be on offer such as lot 135, a fine blue and white Arita ‘Van Frytom’ dish. The depiction is painted after a Delft original in the manner of Frederik van Frytom. The pattern is also known as ‘Scheveningen’ or ‘Deshima’: the origin of the illustrated fishing village is still debated. Valuation € 2.000 - 3.000.
    Impressive are the two Japanese suits of armour dating from the Edo period, both made up of numerous parts. Lot 152 even includes the original boxes with the family crest, which are usually lacking. Valuation € 12.000 - 18.000.

    Noteworthy are two Chinese bronze wine vessels, both dating from the Han dynasty. One flattened, oval example, lot 163, is valued at € 4.000 - 6.000 and one baluster-shaped example, lot 166, at € 6.000 - 8.000.

    The collection of sculptures lists lot 179, another highlight of this auction.
    This earthenware saddled horse from the Eastern Wei dynasty is very well proportioned and has many details. Valuation for this lot € 10.000 - 15.000.

    Buddha statues are not to be absent in this sale. On offer is a North-Indian stone sculptural fragment of a stele depicting the Buddha Vairocana, dated 11th-12th century. This lot 182 depicts the seated Buddha with folded hands and has an expected auction result of € 5.000 - 7.000.
    A Gandhara stucco head of the Buddha Shakyamuni, dating from the 4th to 5th century, is exquisitely rendered with half-closed eyes and curled hair. This lot 183 with an utterly serene expression has a valuation of € 5.000 - 7.000.
    Lot 197 is an exceptional Nepalese figure dating from the 17th to 18th century depicting the deity Tara. The bronze with a face featuring the third eye and a richly decorated tiara is valued at € 4.000 - 5.000.

    The auction will be concluded with several paintings and works on paper.
    The last lot 213 is the Portrait of a Balinese man by Rudolf Bonnet. This intriguing pastel drawing dating from 1955 will be offered with a valuation of € 5.000 - 8.000.

    The abovementioned is only a small selection of the vast assemblage offered. We therefore invite you to browse the online catalogue here and hope to welcome you in our saleroom soon!

    If you are unable to attend the auction, we would like to inform you of the other possibilities of participating in the auction here.

    Any restorations or defects of the lots on offer are not listed in the catalogue. If you would like to receive more information on the condition of a lot, we request you contact us for a condition report.